We believe that fruit and berries should only be fresh, healthy and tasty, so we created the Fresh and Good product line to support this belief, one we share with all of our partners in the supply chain in Chile, Argentina, Peru and other sourcing countries.

Chile: an ecological island

Unique ecological conditions
Most fruit plantations and processing plants in Chile are located in the Central Valley of the country - a region naturally isolated from the rest of the world, and its epidemics and diseases, by the snowy Andes to the East, the Atacama Desert to the North, the waters of Pacific Ocean to the West and the ecologically pure Antarctica to the South..
A Mediterranean climate on the shores of the Pacific Ocean
Most of Chile benefits from a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and dry and hot summers. Fruit trees are irrigated with water from mountain springs, while the absence of summer rains reduces the need for agrochemicals. Sharp diurnal temperature variation creates excellent conditions for the ripening of fruit.
Off Season - an "inverted" seasonality
When leaves turn yellow in the Northern Hemisphere and the autumn rains set in, orchards blossom in Chile. As winter advances and Eurasia and North America find themselves covered with snow, fruit and berries are at their best and abundant on our side of the world, making it possible for us to offer fresh and dehydrated fruit, fruit puree and juice concentrates just when you thought they were out of season.
An efficient phytosanitary control
Government Agencies and Producers & Exporters associations work together to prevent harmful pest penetration into the country. Big efforts are being made to deploy traceability and certification systems compliant with international best practice.